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My hopes plus dreams
A girls dreams
to be a super star
A girl hopes
to be noted
But what about me?
look into my eye's
i'm dead
can they see me?
why can't they see me?
i hope they care
i dream of a place without you
but most of all my dreams and hopes are......
that you die the most painful,
hated death that any man can do.
isn't that what you wanted?
you listern look at me
look what you have done
death is just around the corner for you.
so my hopes plus dreams is that you die
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No-one care's
just turn away like you alway's do.
leaving me here to cry,
like nomal.
alway turn your back on me,
no-one to turn too.
leave me here in the dark,
callling me names.
hurting inside,
but why would you care?
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The looks The stairs
The smile's The waves
walking down the road pain
as she walks she crys
feeling like she has done wrong
but hasn't
when i was there they made
me feel sad
always saying something to make
them feel great
never realising how it
is effectting me.
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what to do
feeling invisable
wanting to cry but won't
what to do
no one knows what she is feeling inside
she wants to get of the bus
but won't
she want to scarmfeeling sick
knowing what to say in her mind but not with her lips
what to do
here is her chance to get off but she won't
what to do
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open your eye's
Eye's closed
she is taking drug
so missed up
don't know who to turn to
they are not reailsing
want to run away
to a place of my own
where there is no pain
they don't even known her
but they still hate her
she don't nothing but cry
when will they realise
she is dying inside
she cry's more
open eye's
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that girl
from the little girl who all ways hide out a cry
to now a girl who has came out of her shell
to see that girl today i don't know
i guess it's like you had never meet.
that girl i see infrount off me today
she is sad and confused ,
her head spins in pain
her eye's full with tears.
she can't go forward ner back
she's hurt and lost.
her head full with thoughts
what has happened?
no-one know not even that girl
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The tear fall down my face
and i hold out my hand.
You came to me
and you look straight
into my eye.
you can see that something
is wrong but you are not sure
what it is.
I look straight back into
your eyes,
and as i fall down
you fall with me.
and you help me up
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no-one care's
Why don't you care?
she lay's in bed and
listens to the rain
because no-one care
no-one care's
if she goes blind
no-one care's
if she cry's
no-one care's
if she dying inside
no-one care's
she dying poeple and no-one give a dam about it
something poeple do things that they don't want to do
but they shill do it.
so why won't you poeple care for the homeless, the dying,
and the surffing.
plz poeple care
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my eye by vencheesa my eye :iconvencheesa:vencheesa 0 0
will you
will you
cry my tears!
i don't think you would
will you
put my broken heart back togetter
i don't think you have the heart to
Will you
be there for me though the bad
i don't think you would even care
will you
be there if i get hurt
i think you most denfinlly wouldn"t you will walk away
will you
look me in the eye and say i trust you
i don't even think you would look me in the eye
will you
be my shoulder to cry on
i don't think you would give two hoot's
will you
stand up for me
i don't think you will care
will you
help me with my work
i think you would say get stuff
will you
be my friend
You know what don't want to be your friend
you don't care about anyone but your self
you are selfish, care less and you lie all the time
no-one like poeple that make's up stuff about them
like you do. i'm happy i'm not your friend
your not there for me if you was a real friend
you would be there for me, but no.
but the one thing i have to say to you is
life is a maze and i'll get though it with you.
i d
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i will cry these tears for you
i will cry these tears for you
you have been there for me
for as i have been luckyto
be your friend
so i will cry these tears for you
for when i was down you have
made me happy and when you
was down i've made you happy
so i will cry these tears for you
i will fight for you
i will be there for you
i will be waitting for you
to came to talk to me
i will give you a gift for
your birthday
i will never forget you
so i will cry these tears for you
i hope you never forget me my
friend, for you have my friend
my rock
my shoulder to cry on
my star in the night sky
but most of i will die for you
because you are my friend
so i will cry these tears for you
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make it stop
The tears that came down my face
Outside in the cold
the wind and rain on my face
why dose he do this to me
why won't he stop
why can't he see the pain
that he put's me throw
make him go away
i can't sleep
make him stop plaese
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so cute baby rabbit by vencheesa so cute baby rabbit :iconvencheesa:vencheesa 0 0
pray to god
She sits in front of the fire and
prays to god
that her pain will go away
she knows she has done wrong but she
prays to god
she is stuck in the one place
and there's no way back
praying to god
will she find a way out
lets pray to god she finds
a way out
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She looks in the mirror
"what have you do to me
just look at me no meat on
my body so skinning. you
monster" she said
she turn's away from mirror and stands
dripping wet with just one towel around her.
she finally move's and sit's in
frount of the fire and she thinks
" i never want to see that monster agian"
her body is in pain but she gets up and walk {in pain}
to her room and put's on her p.j and lay's down.
friends and family came's in the room stands around
in sadness. her finilly words:
" The monster has killed me, it has took all
that i was in this life. please remenber me for as
i will be watching over you my friends and familly
from up above" she said
there she lay's dead as her friends and family are
in tears.
they all watch her spit goes up to heaven
and her boby is finilly free for the first time from
the pain that she was in.
friends and family looks up and say
"we will never forget you!
you will be here in are hearts and in are minds
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me 3 by vencheesa me 3 :iconvencheesa:vencheesa 0 5


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Current Residence: Tasmania
Favourite genre of music: mix
Skin of choice: black
Favourite cartoon character: ELMO
Personal Quote: you climb thoose stair, you reach for thoose star and you get that star.
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Gees it's been awhille since i've been on here!
so what's new?
well i got my certificate three in disability work, and waiting for sa call to say when my interveiw is hopefully soon.
suprise that santa came to me been bad most of the year oh well, finally got over a cold.
not doing ok need to get away for awhile,my new faveourite thing is elephants love them.


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